Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our schoolroom

So excited to have a room we can use as a school room.  It's right off the living room and kitchen; it's perfect because we are still within the "hub" of the house.  It's also nice to have a place for the million supplies and learning aids I have collected over the past few years.  Below is a view of my desk, school table, the bookshelves and cubbies.  The cubbies each have quiet things in them to work pull out and work on when one is waiting on another to finish up.  

I also have a little reading area here.  Each week I switch out library books in the book basket that pertain to whatever we are studying that week.  The kids can pick and choose what they want to read during quiet times throughout the morning.  
There are a few other things I am wanting to do to the room.  But right now, we are busy with other parts of the house so the rest will have to wait. 

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