Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Wow!  I never knew just how much STUFF was out there.  Going through curriculum choices was like my adult version of getting a toy catalog in the mail as an 8 year old.  The choices seemed limitless and it mostly all looked fun.

I kept coming back to hands on curriculum with lots of books and not lots of worksheet type set ups.  I know I want my children to have the opportunity to learn and challenge themselves, but I also wanted something that fostered creativity and well, childhood:).  I knew I did not want something rigorous.  The past few years, I have really felt led to more of a play centered learning style when they are young (under 7).  And even after 7, I wanted to be able to give them opportunities to learn in an (don't hate me for using this word), organic way.  For example, my son gets absolutely fascinated with a particular thing and for about a span of 1-2 weeks, it just consumes him.  What better opportunity to learn than during that time!   

So anyway, we ended up choosing My Father's World.  It was written by a missionary couple who homeschooled their own children and felt the calling to create a curriculum program.  A large portion of their sales actually goes to publishing Bibles in different languages.  Anyway, first and foremost, this program is bible based.  It infuses Christian worldview into all subjects.  It (some of this is straight from website) "utilizes hands on, unit studies with daily lesson plans" and enables families to learn together.  Many of the programs can be taught (at different levels) to a range of ages together.  It combines Charlotte Mason and classical style of learning with a biblical worldview and international focus.  

We have only done 2 weeks of it but I am so very excited to see how it works in our lives!  

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