Friday, October 28, 2011

Fess up

pinterest- who's on it? I know it's the buzzword of 2011, the visual google for crafters, fashionistas, teachers and chefs....and why I try to resist jumping on pop culture bandwagons- there is a reason everyone is talking about this website- Pinterest basically just rocks.

But here is my question- who is actually testing out the ideas they find on the site? Come on can tell me! I think there needs to be another website that showcases ideas taken from pinterest and actually used, complete with notes from the experience and pictures.

I have done a few things from the site. At bunco the other night, everything I made for dinner came from recipes I found of pinterest. The only bad thing was I felt completely unoriginal because all my bunco girls are on pinterest too and exclaimed how they had seen the recipes there too- oh. snap.

So far I have made:
Pizza balls- (was not delicious)
Loaded baked potato soup- (was a hit!)
Chocolate wasted cake- (so bad but soooo good!)
Apple smiles- (made for Adler's class but used caramel and it was a little too gooey)

Okay, so that's all the food I have made, but I have also bought several items of clothes and a few gifts from some ideas I saw here. And I used a appliqué tutorial and made several crafts with my kids or the kids in my class. So SEE? It's not a bit waste of time!

And now I promise to never talk of pinterest again. It's sort of embarrassing how often I bring it up in conversation.

Oh, and sorry for my lack of actual links- I used to be able to easily link on my iPad but something is wonky with it the past month or so and it won't link on blogger anymore. Any tips?

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Sweet T said...

I'm quasi-obsessed with pinterest. SO many ideas! I admit that I've only tried 3 things, all recipes. Only 1 was good. But I do have intentions to actually make some of the crafts. Glad to know I'm not alone!