Monday, October 24, 2011

Hap Hudson 5k recap

I know, I know, running has been a theme on the blog the past month or two, but this season is the best season for running and racing and it gets me all excited. And when I get excited about something, I am pretty obsessive about it!

So this last weekend, I ran the Hap Hudson Homecoming 5k at MC. This was my first race to do solo so I was a little bit nervous about that; but Eric and the kids were on the sidelines cheering me on so that eased my nerves a bit. I also had been having some shin issues and had not run in a week trying to get them well again. On race day, they felt pretty good though so i think sitting out that week was worth it.

The weather was perfect- chilly, but clear skies and no wind. The race started with a prayer (nice!) and a horn and we were off. Again, I took off maybe a tad too fast, but I just couldn't help it! It's kind of fun passing people and the only time I get the chance is right in the beginning when all the smart runners aren't blowing it out right at first:). The course was rolling, and winded through downtown Clinton and a neighborhood and ended with one lap around the MC track. First mile I did at a 7:01 pace. Second mile was 7:16. The last mile there was a pretty gross hill towards the end that did not agree with me. I looked down at my watch at one point up the hill and I was at like an 8:45 pace- yikes! I finished that 3rd mile at 7:34 and the last bit at 7:06. I didn't think I would like the last quarter mile being on the track but I kinda loved it! I wish I would have pushed it a little harder on the track and shaved off a few more seconds because that was the easiest part of the race, but I will know for next year! I am very happy with the experience I had- it was lots of fun and i felt great afterwards. I am not sure my exact time yet, but I know it was 22:40 something. I wasn't listening when they announced it and the race results aren't up on the Internet yet. But I did win 3rd overall for women and feel pretty good about that too.

I am so thankful that God gives me joy through running. It is such a blessing in my life right now.

Ps- the men's overall winner did it in 16 min and something. Wha???!!!??? How?


Dad said...

You just absolutely are rocking this whole running thing! So proud of your accomplishment and so happy for you.

Holly said...

So, I read your blog from time to time because it's linked to Sara Leach's whose I read from time to time. Anyway, 22.40, really? Wow! Very impressive!

Ashley said...

Dad- I got it from my father:).

Ashley said...

Holly- thanks! And thanks for stopping by!