Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Five has always been the magic age we used when Adler asked to do something he wasn't old enough to do. "Yes, Adler, you can stay up late, drive a car, drink coke, play with choking hazards....when you are five.". It seemed so far away; and now it is here. Luckily,he has forgotten most of these promises. But the idea has stuck with me. Suddenly, I am watching him in a new light. The bed that his bed rails are attached to doesn't look quite as high off the floor as it once did. For that matter, the wood floors don't look so menacing and hard either. His long arms and legs look a little silly dangling out of his carseat. Those big chunky legos look babyish. He has finally graduated- to rail-less beds, a booster (although I am still on the fence about that one!), and small legos he can choke on now. It's pretty surreal!
But how I LOVE my five year old Adler! He is funny and happy and full of life. He is right in the middle of the phase where any odd noise or face is hilarious, where knock knock jokes have no limits, where the party doesn't stop until the eyelids physically won't stay open, and where building blocks are transformed into spaceships for hours of fun.
But the gentle bits of him that I love are still here too- he still requires at least 20 minutes of cuddling a day. He is usually kind to his sister and truly feels it is his job to take care of her. He is mostly obedient and tries so hard to do the right things, follow the rules and make others happy. He is inquisitive and smart, curious and imaginative.
I couldn't be more excited for this fifth year- what a joy it is to be his mother!


Britt said...

I love 5 year old Adler!He's such a funny little dude.

Sandi said...

Yes he is a wonderful little five years old. We are so proud of him. You and Eric are raising two beautiful children that are very well behaved and loving. You should be very proud of yourself. You are a great Mom.