Monday, August 23, 2010

Notes from the country

A weekend away was just what we needed.  The kids and I traveled down to Mize, MS to visit with my grandfather and grandmother (pawpaw and nannnymae!) and had a lovely time.  Everything moves at a snail pace down there, or did on that weekend we were there and it really did our bodies good.  Here are some thoughts and observations I had over the weekend:

-Mize is surely the most God touched place in Mississippi.  The rolling hills, lush green stuff and untouched land were breathtaking.  I was taking snapshots in my mind as I traveled the little country backroads to my grandparent's house.  I always thought of Vicksburg as being the most beautiful MS spot, but I was so wrong- its Mize.

- Watching a polka band on television is about as interesting as you would imagine.  BUT, listening to your grandfather's commentary during the program is worth it!

- When pawpaw was a little boy, he lived near Lake Washington in MS.  At one point, there was a German POW camp near the area and the government gave Pawpaw's family 8 POW's to help farm their land. Paw paw says he got to know the men pretty good and realized how much alike they really were to our own "boys".  One man had lost touch with his family back in Germany and feared for their lives because they lived in a place where there was heavy fire.  Pawpaw's momma wrote her other son (one of the two of Pawpaw's brothers who were overseas fighting in the war) and told him about the man and named his family and where they lived to see if he could find anything out.  And HE DID! He was able to get word back that they were all okay.  Doesn't that sound like something out of a movie?

-Hazel has decided she likes purses.  Alot.  She wouldn't go anywhere this weekend without the purse in one hand and the babydoll in the other.  So cute.

-Adler got to ride in my uncle's "monster truck" (his jeep with big wheels).  My uncle is in Haiti right now and will be coming home very soon- we are all so anxious to see him again.  Anyway, Adler is still talking about it.  Living the dream, people, living the dream.


autn vickie said...

I love it, love it, love it... and love you, too... trust me... they enjoyed having you there every bit as much as you enjoyed being there...

Sara said...

Sounds like a great trip...a lot like trips to Tylertown, MS that I used to take to visit my grandparents. I really miss those days.

Papaw said...

Papaw says: That's beautiful. Little old Adler got to be my buddy. He got two rides in the jeep and one on the mower. I really enjoyed them. That ashley is a sweet little girl, too, I tell you. They all are. You all are. That little Hazel, she stole my heart. She already had it. She throwed them arms up a couple of times and ran to me. See's so sweet. She's a little girl, waddling around with them dolls and a little rocking chair to put them in.

Nannie Mae said...

Nannie Mae says: That's so sweet. Oh, man. We had a good time, and she was making memories. We was all making memories.