Sunday, August 29, 2010

The difference

So today I heard this, paraphrased because I can't remember it word for word- the difference between someone who is living by the Word out of religious responsibility and someone who is living it out of response to God's mercy and goodness is everything.

Wow. The past few months I have really been struggling with this. And it seems to be a reoccurring message that God is hitting me with. My pastor asked in his sermon a few weeks ago, "what are we here for?". And if that answer is anything other than to glorify and sanctify Him and fulfill His desire for our lives, we are in it for the wrong reason.

So if we think about it, that is tough stuff. How many times have I entered into church service on Sunday morning out of obligation? Or prepared for the mission group I lead because it's just what I do? How much do i play the part of a woman seeking God's will instead of actually seeking it out? How can I honestly gossip freely on Saturday or skip my daily quiet time with God more times than not and then come to church on Sunday and expect to to be filled?

Why am I bothering at all? What good is playing a part, going through the motions, half doing it? How is that bringing me closer to God? How is it even close to showing others a picture of Christ? He was IN IT. He gave it all. And He expects us to too.

It's all or nothing with Him. Why is that so hard? I mean I love Him. I really do; and i want my life to glorify Him. And I know of the blessings. I know how rich and full a life can be in Him. It seems like total surrender would be the easiest, but satan is a tempting and conniving little beast. The lure of doing just enough to get by, to be good and committed on the outside is strong. But all the good stuff, all the real blessings in our life, in our family, in our church and beyond, well that comes from being committed 100% in the heart. The outward commitment should only be a reflection of the inward commitment we have to Christ- that is what causes revolutions. And that is what its really all for.

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