Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Five days of boring bliss!!

So I debated posting this because I don't want to cause envy and unrest amongst the people; but I will go ahead and tell you.
Tomorrow morning, Eric and I are driving down to Fl and won't be back until Monday! Eric is on a softball ministry team that has been going to prisons around MS and LA playing games and ministering to the prisoners. This weekend, they are doing 14 prisons in 3 days in Fl. Some of the player's wives are going along for the ride. We can't go with them to the prisons; so we will just be haning at the hotel, lounging by the pool, shopping and eating ang maybe going to the beach if the hurricane doesn't blow it away.
I am soooo excited. Here are some things I plan on doing.....
-reading like 38 books
-watching 14 movies
-ordering Halloween costumes
-ordering tshirts for our vacation to Disney/beach next month
-laying by the pool for at least 19 hours total, or if the weather is bad, my bed will do
-oh and the continental breakfast- yay!

Now don't get me wrong, those babies of mine will be fiercely missed. But I think we will all be happier for a break from the norm!

So thank you thank you thank you to my fantastic in-laws for suggesting i go with Eric and for your willingness to keep my children, and for all the other million and two things you do for us. We love you!

One last thing, please keep Eric and the rest of the team in your prayers. It's going to be a physically grueling couple of days for them. Pray that they will keep up their strength, that they will be safe and that they will allow themselves to be used in whatever way God asks of them. Pray that the prisoners and others they will be in contact with will have open hearts to the message.


aunt vickie said...

Will definitely be praying for Eric and the team. I really miss doing the prison revivals at Pearl Mississippi that I used to be part of. That week every summer was grueling to the max, but, oh, so very, very blessed.

Glad the wives get to go... enjoy the rest, my darlin' niece...

And, oh, think of the happy reunion when you're all together again afterwards...

love you...

Sara said...

Enjoy your mini vacay!