Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stranger Danger!

Oprah has worked it again and successfully scared me.  I usually don't watch, but everytime I do, she gives me something new to worry about.  After watching a rerun the other day, I decided it was time to have a serious heart to heart with Adler about strangers.  And it did not go well.  Has anyone else tried to talk to their 3 year olds about strangers without scaring them to death?

Anyway, it was completely heartbreaking.  Here's a snippet.

Me: If anyone other than me or daddy or grandma or nana or pawpaw or grandpa (and on down the list of everyone who was "okay") ever tells you to come with him, scream, "NO-STRANGER DANGER!!!" as loud as you can. 

Ad: What about if its a superhero and he is trying to save the day?

Me: not even then.  And if anyone wants to give you something, a toy or some candy, don't take it and scream "NO- STRANGER DANGER!"

Ad: Well, if they have candy that means they are good.

Me: No, it doesn't.  You only take candy from someone you and momma knows. 

Ad: Well, if I have some candy in my pocket, I can give it to the stranger and he can give it to his children.  That would be nice.

Me: sigh.

Not successful.  And it was actually really heartbreaking to hear his response to the whole thing.  The belief that everyone is good (as long as they have candy!) is how it should be.  How sad we have to teach our children anything different.


Sara said...

I didn't see Oprah, but we actually had this talk with Addison this week too because she thinks that if we casually make conversation with strangers in public or if they comment that she's a pretty girl that she can then just wander off with them and it's okay. Anyway, we had to have a talk with a short quiz. HA!

Aunt Vickie said...

Oh, Father God, watch over our babies...