Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why I love our library

"In the Know" atWCBPL

They have their own blog!  Not to mention, they have a fabulous children's department.  Since Adler was 4 months old (never too young!), we have gone to the storytime they offer for preschoolers (they offer it twice a week, I might add!), complete with crafts, special parties and lots of stories.  We haven't been able to go regularly this past year because it falls right in the middle of Hazel's nap; but I look forward to getting back into it because its such a fun time.  I still remember storytime and summer reading programs from my own childhood and like to think it is where my love of the written word began.

Anyway, how awesome is it that they have their own blog!


Al and Christina said...

Thanks for posting this! I need to start taking Will there. I read to him all the time, but I'm sure he'd like to hear someone else's voice occasionally.

aunt vickie said...

Very cool...