Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can you help?

So I am just copying and pasting my sister's blog post because she said it best....

Here’s a way you might could help!

My uncle is a missionary currently working in Haiti. It’s hard work. He’s there to minister to the spiritual needs of those affected by the earthquake, and the way to do that is by meeting the physical needs. Right now, he’s facing technical challenges– electrical, mechanical– and he needs help!! To run supplies and personnel around the area, they need a working vehicle. They have some stubborn diesel vehicles that are giving them a lot of aggravation! If you are a light diesel mechanic, and you can spare a weekend or two, he’s put out the call for you. Here’s his plea:


If you’re a Diesel Mechanic- we have three 4 cylinder Nissan Diesel’s (QD32′s) and one 6.6L Duramax Diesel in a 02 Chevy 2500 pickup.

I’ll buy your plane ticket. AIM will cover your Ground Cost. You can come down for a long weekend or for the whole week


Email Me:

So there you have it. If it’s something that you can help out with, please pray about it and email him! He also needs some electrical advice, so if you know anything about that kind of stuff, just hop over to his site and give his pictures a look. Thank you!! If you’re like me and haven’t got a clue about that stuff, but you have assistance to offer in some other area, please let him know. I know there are many needs to be met in Haiti.

Love to all of y’all.

Thanks Shannon, for letting me borrow your words and for putting them there in the first place!

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