Thursday, October 22, 2009

So, in the past two days, I have found Adler on the kitchen counter, getting a glass out of the cabinet, and on the very top of his play kitchen, knocking stuffed animals out of the animal hammock in his playroom.

I always looked at my sister in awe for maintaining a sense of calm in the midst of her lively boys and dreaded the day when Adler learned boys were supposed to be climbing on or jumping off of something at all times. Well, that day has come. Now, where's my first aid kit?

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aunt vickie said...

Omigosh... it's official then... he's not a baby any more... he's a little boy... wow... where did the time go?

Y'all are in my prayers always, and not to worry, darlin' girl... you're a wonderful momma, and you'll do fine...