Monday, October 19, 2009

Things my husband doesn't know

1. I only pretended to like that alfredo sauce (you worked so hard...)
2. On the days Adler doesn't have school, we regularly sleep to at least 8:45 (oh joy!)
3. At 5:07, all four of us- me, Adler, Hazel and our dog Toby, are literally waiting for you by the door. More often than not, we are still waiting, and things are getting hairy, at 5:30.
4. That chicken and veggie soup stuff we eat, not so much homemade as bag.
5. Those times I hand both children off to you to use the restroom, its really just that if I don't have 5 minutes to myself I might start rocking back and forth, babbling nonsense.
6. You are way cooler than me. (although, I think you might suspect...)
7. I don't turn off all the lights behind me when you are at work (for SHAME!)
8. I still watch "The Hills" (I don't know why it keeps recording, honey...)
9. I am on Facebook way more than is normal.
9. I frequently air my dirty laundry on my blog, if ONLY YOU WOULD READ IT!


Sara said...

LOL! Don't you feel so much better now? :)

aunt vickie said...

lol... oh, honey child... I've gotta start blogging again... I do LOVE you immensely...

WonderGirl said...

You're so funny! I loved this post. :)

Mandy said...

Haha! That is so awesome! I should try this one day to see if my husband ever checks our blog.

Jenny said...

Ash...I'm catching up on your blog and you are too hilarious! I can't get enough! Miss you!