Monday, August 25, 2008

On Pride

So, I have always been able to pop my back really well; I mean, sounds of fireworks going off kind of well. I automatically feel 100% more relaxed after twisting my back left and then right, allowing every bone up and down my back to pop. I always wondered how in the world people were able to function without popping their back at least daily. And every time someone would pop their back around me, I would feel compelled to pop mine immediately after, to show how a "real back" pops (?). I know that is sort of mean, but I have always been immensely proud of my back pop. Sad, right? But its partly E's fault because we used to have "pop offs." It inflated my ego because I always won; its so rare that I am better at any physical activity than him (and that does count as physical activity in my book).

Anyway, that was all before I got pregnant. For some reason, immediately after I got pregnant, I lost my ability. I am lucky to get one little measly pop out of it now. Its not only shameful, its frustrating. I feel like one big cranked up knot all the time. I try everyday, hoping that today is going to be the day when I get my pop back.

I told E the other day that I think God took it away because I was prideful of it. But, I have learned my lesson, honest I have. If I could only have one more fireworks worthy pop, I would be happy.

I am especially missing it today because after a weekend of inner-tubing at the lake, I am so jankity that I have to type with my nose.

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