Monday, August 25, 2008

20 Months

Dear Adler,
Well, I started out thinking I would post updates on you every single month, but, well, that was before you started walking and climbing and being a little boy. I want to be sure, though, to stop chasing you long enough to sit still and just watch you, appreciate the walking, talking, climbing, laughing, playing, crying, loving, jumping, running, screaming, and all the other "ings" that you are you do those 14 very busy hours of our days. I want to make sure I am noticing all of it, recording it, because before too long, you will be a teenager where your only "ings" are sleeping, eating, breathing (maybe a little complaining too), and then a man, when you have your own little ones to watch.

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. 20 months. Man. We made it. And we are doing great. You are a R to the ascal. You run from me, hide from me, pull my hair, yank on Toby's tail, reach and pull things down, like cereal boxes and cups of juice off counters and onto floors, draw on yourself, on the wall, on Toby, climb on top of tables, climb into cabinets.... You are just ALL toddler. But its so much fun. You definitely keep me on my toes, but I love every single minute of it (okay, maybe not the climbing on tables or pulling my hair. And Toby wants to add that he doesn't love being tortured either.)

You are beginning to be okay with other people. You are starting to venture off of my leg a little easier in social situations where you aren't very sure of things. You actually started a little playschool program and really love it. You know to put your hand on your heart for the Pledge of Allegiance. You love the color blue and point it out everywhere we go (boo). Second best is pink (nink). You love your video about Noah and the animals, calling it the bible (bi-bu). You actually love any bible story-book and have picked up the word "Bible" for all of them. You love to swim, and even kick your hands and feet when prompted to swim. You could sit in my lap and be read to for hours; it never gets old. Until it does, and then you promptly shut the book and say "eee ennn" for the end. You don't like it when I try to read one of my own books to myself- you shut it and tell me that's the end. You. You do not like to see me and E hug- you get really mad and try to push E away. Guess you don't know your mom's got love for both of you just yet!

You still love to cuddle me. I still rock you to sleep for your afternoon nap. You still are free with your hugs and kisses and will (almost)always come running when someone you love comes into the room. You tell me "luu you" every once in a while. You are precious in every way.




Melissa said...

Your love for him and all those sweet mommy moments made me cry. I miss those moments with mine when they were little. So glad you are spending every one with him loving him that much as he grows. Love you and E. and Adler.

aunt vickie said...

Thank you, Jesus, for my family... for my nieces and nephews... for their babies... and the love they share...