Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The one where Lindsay Lohan has all the power

This may be a little dramatic, but I realized something yesterday.

I was thinking how I really have not read one good book all summer. I was at Books A Million, checking out their bargain books, and actually ended up buying a book (for $3!!) and it occurred to me as I was reading, it was a terrible book. I mean terrible. And I know, deep down, when I bought it, that I wasn't buying it because I thought it would be provoking and stimulating. I bought it because Lindsay Lohan is quoted on the cover, saying it was "fun." I actually bought a book because Lindsay Lohan, or LLo as she is affectionately nicknamed, was quoted on the cover. Let me say this again. I am reading a book on Lindsay Lohan's suggestion. Lindsay Lohan made me do it.

I think there has to be a point where this stops. I read (or watch) these types of things and then blog about it and make fun of myself for it, thinking that as long as I recognize the absurdity, then it makes the actual reality of reading or watching them okay. And its just not.

I am not going to stop watching "The Hills" (gasp, can you imagine life with no Hills?), but I am going to start being more careful of what I read. I have always loved books, but I think its time to fall back in love with them. This summer has been slightly mindless and indulgent- I am ready to get back to the meat.

We are going to the library this morning for story time and I think I might just pick up a few books that do not involve Tori Spelling or the word "fashionista" in the title. (yes, it was that bad)


Laura said...

Sounds my "Apocalipstick" book. That one I actually DID check out at the library. Beware. The library has awful books, too!

Laura said...

I meant "sounds like my..." Sorry.