Wednesday, July 30, 2008

how could I forget?

Somebody very special had a birthday this month (besides you, mom and dad) and I completely forgot all about it.

Applecheeks, the blog, turned ONE this month! I can't believe I forgot. And I can't believe I have actually stuck with this blog that long- I probably have about 8 blogs out there in internet land that I have started and abandoned within months. Anyway, let's reflect on this past year's insighful and diverse topics...

Let's see, there was Adler.
And, Adler.
And a little more Adler.
Oh, and there was that time I talked about Adler.
And let's don't forget what a wild post I wrote about Adler.

I would link back to those posts, but I can't figure out how and I am willing to bet you could click on any old post and get that subject matter. I need to diversify.

So, that's my year- I can't wait to find out what I write about this next year (anyone want to take a guess? Adler maybe?)


aunt vickie said...

Happy Birthday, Apple Cheek... you're just about the sweetest one-year-old I ever knew...

Melissa said...

One year down and many more to come I hope, Can't get by a day without my fix of Apple Cheeks and all the Adler post!