Friday, August 1, 2008

If I Could Turn Back Time

I would change the title of this post not to reference a particularly bad Cher song (is the phrase "bad Cher song" redundant?).

Anywho, I would also change the title of my blog. As it turns out, my blog has been popping up as a search result of some pretty "unsavory" searches that I won't begin to list as my mom reads this blog.

I really wish I would have thought twice about making my web address the same as my blog title because now I am stuck with it forever.


Sara said...

Okay, now you have tempted all of us to google "My apple cheeks" just to see what comes up. HA!

Laura said...

Okay...maybe I dreamed this whole thing up, but I thought you could move posts to one web address to another?!? If that is right, could that be an option for you? You could leave a message saying that you have moved to so-and-so. Just a thought...or a dream?