Friday, November 8, 2013

MFW Weeks 8 and 9

Our science these two weeks were about rain, thunder and lightening.  We did a few science experiments and journaled about it.
Adler is really coming around with his reading.  He is still mixing up some of the blends but is starting to figure it out on his own more and more every day.  He is always so proud to read books to us.  Hazel is also doing so well with her letter sounds and writing.  She can usually give the beginning letter and write them on her own to most words that I ask her.  We are using the explode the code series workbooks for her and just supplementing with lots of hands on activities to reinforce the ideas she is learning.  Her handwriting just today was impressively better.  She said she stayed up and practiced last night;).

We are starting to dip our toes into the bible history part of the curriculum a little.  We have been going over the basics of who wrote the bible, how many books there are and what part of the world this history from the bible took place.  We started on a bible lands map this week.  

The last two weeks in math, we continued to work on addition problems with Adler.  We introduced vertical equations.  To practice with this, we played restaurant and grocery store several times together.  Adler had to write up the items and add up the totals so that I could pay him (and vice versa when he was the customer).  Both the kids loved this activity.  They played it a lot without me as well.

It's been a good couple of weeks! 
Looking at the menu at our school "cafe"
Hazel as the hostess/waitress/chef
My ticket:)
Adler enjoyed writing and illustrating a book.
Working...I just love how she always makes this face when she is trying hard.
Early morning art class
Learning about maps this week
We are making a bible lands map too
Learning how water evaporates and makes clouds 

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