Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MFW1 wk 2

Last week we continue to review kindy phonics rules and handwriting (we are both ready to start some new stuff!).  We talked about scrolls and made small scrolls and printed Genesis 1:1 on them. This year our history comes from the Bible as MFW believes in starting from the beginning:).  We talked about the Jewish calendar and how it is different from our calendar.

For science, we talked about soil.  We watched a show about composting and collected leaf litter to examine.  We also scooped soil into a jar and added water to watch the different layers of the soil separate.  We also made a layered snack showing the different soil levels (marshmallows for bedrock, Cheerios for subsoil and cocoa Krispies for the topsoil/humus).  And the kids had fun playing in a big dirt pile.

For math, we talked alot about patterns and made some of our own patterns.  We went on a walk and found lots of patterns in nature too.  Since Hazel was learning about the letter B, we made butterflies with some pretty patterns too.  

We also belong to a co-op that meets one morning a week.  They are learning about community helpers so we were all able to go to the fire station this week.  It was so fun- the kids both decided they want to be fire fighters now!

It was a pretty fun week.  I think we are finding our pace nicely.  I know that may change next week when we start adding new things.  But I am looking forward to it:). 

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