Monday, September 3, 2012

Our plans, but not really

Know what you get when you mix an over-thinker (Eric) and someone who thinks pretty much every idea is absolutely thr best idea ever after a few minutes of convincing (me)? Absolutely nothing!

Several years ago, Eric and I bought some land out in the country with plans to build.  We originally thought we would just pay on it for a few years and then start building.  Well, according to those plans, we should really have our house on the market and, actually, probably have it sold right now and be making some serious and real decisions about our dream house.

But, see.  Well, the thing goes like this....Eric starts thinking about what would be the best long term plan for us and what kind of house would really fit our lifestyle.  And we talk about it and of course, I agree that yes, we really do need a Swiss family Robinson treehouse.  It would be perfect!  And then two weeks later: a dome shaped abode made from concrete really would be better if we have to survive an apocolypse.  But then again, I always wanted to live in a ski chalet.  But hold on to the hammer, I actually love the house we are currently in now so let's wait 3 more years to sell and then build.

And I think that's probably our biggest issue- we really do love our house.  It's not any larger than the house we will build.  It's the house we brought Adler and Hazel home from the hospital to, the one we have made a part of our family.  It's just a quick little zip to anywhere in town, and well, there is absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with it.  It's just not our dream home, our dream location.  And while I know we will be so happy when we finally do make the move, there is no big rush to do it now.  We are perfectly happy where we are now.

Right now we can't decide from a house made entirely from toothpicks and a modern barn.  We can't decide if we should pay off the land completely (one year!), wait a little longer so we can pay for the beginning of the building process without taking a loan out until later, or if we should jump right in.  So, please, if I start talking about our how our house is going to be made entirely out recycled newspapers (how green!), don't pay a bit of attention to me.  And if you ask when we plan on moving and I tell you one year, don't believe it until you see it!

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Aunt Dee said...

Sounds like wise planning to me! If you aren't in any hurry, just stay put, save money, and eventually you will get where you want to be. We did and couldn't be happier!