Monday, October 29, 2012

obligatory pumpkin patch pictures

What would fall be without pumpkin patches?  I have decided that my new favorite season is Fall.  I love how fierce and crisp the blue sky is against the changing leaves of yellow, gold, brown and red.  I love how the wind bites at my skin, but the sun warms my back.  I love how the fresh, cool air blow through my open windows, leaving my house feeling new and clean.  I love how the blankets always come out for impromptu picnics and story-times in the grass.   I love the pumpkin patches and fall festivals, the reflections of thankfulness and blessings, the excitement of preparation for the coming holidays.  I love the fall races, the spryness I feel in my step as I run in the cooler temperatures.  I love the sweaters and jackets, the brown leather boots and burnt orange colored accessories.

Mississippi may not have a lot of distinction between the seasons and although many people complain about this very thing, I take relief in it.  God certainly put me in Mississippi for a reason.  I quake in my winter boots at the thought of an actual winter.  My little flip flops rejoice in their tattered soles from being worn 9 months out of the year.  I love that I can fully enjoy a season without having to commit to it (well, except for summer...but then there are pools and snow cones and air condition for that, so that's okay).

Okay, on to some pictures....


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