Monday, October 10, 2011


Over the River Run

Eric and I, along with my brother and dad, ran the local Over the River run this weekend. It was so fun running with my family (although I was tempted to trip my brother when he passed me!) and I wanted to write it all down for memory's sake.

The day was gorgeous, cool with a nice breeze blowing. A record 700 people showed up to run/walk the race. E and I were about midway lining up and when the horn blew, we were off. I felt amazing and my legs felt strong and good so I just decided to run by feel the first few miles. My pace these first 2 miles was around 7:19 min miles. In hindsight, I was running a little too fast, due to adrenaline and just feeling good! The third mile I dropped to 7::27 pace, mile 4 was 8:08 and mile 5 was 8:18. We turned around midway to race back over the bridge back to finish line. This is where E left me, but I was happy to be able to hang with him the first 2.5 miles. If I would have just kept at 7:40 pace, I probably would have had an easier time of it the last mile. That mile my legs felt heavy and I had to work pretty hard to maintain what I did. My original plan was to pick someone to beat in front of me, and blow it out the last 1/2 mile. Um. Not happening. I maintained, but I did not have any burst of energy left in me! I think maybe the hill at the end had a little something to do with it. It felt like a mountain on my heavy legs. I finished in 38:24 minutes though, under my goal so I was more than happy with it. I felt good after the race and was ready to have some fun with the family at the after party.

Food, drinks and jumpy balloon entertained us until the awards show. Dad and Trey won 3rd in their age groups and I won 1st in mine and 4th overall for women. The picture above is me and my dad and brother with our medals:). I didn't take any pics and this is the only one I have seen. I will have to post one of me and E whenever I get some pics from mom.

It was a great day and look forward to the next one!


aunt vickie said...

Yay... go family!

Erica said...

Wow! You are amazing!