Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hi! I know we haven't spoken in awhile and I know this is awkward; but I wanted to pop in and say hello and let you know that I don't only speak in the random posting of pictures. I do have actual words to say, just haven't had a blogging spirit lately. No biggie!

Kids are napping and I am procrastinating getting some housework done. The weather outside is nice and this weekend, it's supposed to be even cooler. I cant wait to spend all weekend outside with my family.

We are doing so good right now. Preschool is in full swing and both kids are loving it. We have some tears from hazel when she sees me or Adler throughout the morning, but they are quickly dissolved at the promise of the next fun thing her class is doing. Adler loves his class too- they do really fun things and he is learning so much. I am really loving teaching the 3 year old room. The kids are really good and so excited to learn and do new things. It's been a lot of fun so far and feels in no way like a job.

Let's see, what else....I am learning to sew. It's a slow process for me (I actually developed a new stitch called the frankenstitch- very innovative) and I will be happy for a day when I feel more confident when I start a project; but I have already come a long way and know that day will come.

I am also still running. I was a bit hit and miss this summer just due to a full schedule and just different priorities. There may have been a time in my life where that would have made me feel very guilty, but I am really at peace about that now. This summer, we were a little lazier in the mornings, played a little longer into the afternoon and didn't get around to bedtime until later. And it was WONDERFUL. But now we are back into routine again, I am settling into a normal exercise schedule again and it also feels wonderful. I just guess
there is a season for everything.

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Brattany said...

I like reading your posts, you need to link them through Facebook bc I didn't know you'd written anything new until now.