Monday, March 22, 2010

Nine Months

Oh little one,

You are NINE months today! Its shocking, really. I still have to stop and correct myself because I still think of you as this little mewing newborn sometimes. It is just going so fast this time around.

You are a little shiny ball of light in our family. Your dad and I, and your brother too, just have to laugh everytime you do anything! We just all think you are so funny and so cute. Every single noise and movement you make is a reason to giggle. You almost always have a smile on your face. And that puts smiles on our face. I can't tell you how many times people tell me that they have to smile everytime they see you, because its true. You are infectious!

This month, gosh you have been a busy girl. You started crawling right before your 8th month birthday and just a few days after, you were pulling up to standing on everything you could. Now you are starting to cruise on furniture a bit. You got the hang of waving, sort of. First it was just an arm flap, but in the past few weeks, you are making deliberate and very concentrated efforts to move your only your hand and fingers up and down. At the beginning of the month, you also started giving big sloppy kisses. Its so cute. Sometimes, you even pucker your little lips to kiss. Last week, you started kissing your baby doll and holding your doll up to my lips to kiss too. You also try to feed me your food when I am feeding you. Let's see, what else...the first of the month you were a little quiet, just trying to figure out the crawling thing. But now that you are a master of the crawl, you have found your voice. Our house is literally always filled with little girl squeals and yelps. You are always talking and babbling. We think you have said "dada"- for awhile there you were saying it all the time so we are counting that as your unofficial first word. You also have two more teeth coming in on the bottom. You have 4 up top with the two beside them barely peaking through (but they have been doing that for a month now and just won't come all the way in) and two, almost 4 on bottom. I also started giving you a bit more table food like cheerios, crackers and smooshed up beans and peas. I even gave you a lick of chocolate ice-cream, but shhhh, don't tell your pediatrician!

I think that's all the milestones for the month. It seems like you have done SO much this month. You are so busy growing and learning- its fascinating to watch you become who you are. I love you so much- you are a joy and a blessing, beautiful little girl!


Sara said...

Wow--where has nine months gone?

brittany said...

yaaay Hazel! Aunt B is proud of you!