Friday, March 5, 2010

The mind is on babies

I mean, newborn babies. Don't tell E! My sister had her baby two months ago; several facebook friends had or are having in the coming weeks babies; my old friend Tashia had her baby this week; and then my sister in law, cousin, and several more friends are having their babies in the coming months. There is NOTHING like a brand new, just days old baby. They sleep; they cuddle; they mew; they make cute faces; and they smell like cotton candy. We have decided two is a good number for our family, but it doesn't stop that desire for another, even when I still have a baby in the crib. I am telling you, this baby thing, its addictive, especially when you your family and friends start having them. I am loving every stage my own children have gone through thus far, but there is something about that super short newborn stage that leaves me wanting more!

On other stuff, yall, I don't know what I feel about ghosts and spirits and if I believe in all that, but something really wierd has been happening around the Mason house the past few days. On several (3) different occasions I have been in Hazel's room with her playing and her baby swing has turned on all by itself. There is no one on that side of the room, and all of a sudden, the swing just starts rocking. I am sure it is just a battery malfunction, but it still seriously creeps me out. And then last night, her little crib toy, which plays songs or has this little voice that coos and laughs, turns on in the middle of the night. It makes the little silly laugh noise. I go in the room to manually turn it off, and it is already off.

Spooky. I am sure its nothing, but it is wierding me out enough to pray over it as I am getting her to sleep. Long before we had kids, my friend was over and was sleeping the spare room (which is now Adler's room) and said she got some wierd vibes and sensations while she was trying to sleep. I slept in the room to see for myself and never felt anything wierd though. Every once in a while, we smell cigarette smoke pretty strongly in the house, but I guess that could just be from old insulation.

I am sure its nothing, but I don't like it!

Okay, happy thoughts. Let's move on to the happiness project, day 5- Happiness is rocking Hazel to sleep: feeling the weight of her on my chest, her warm cheek against mine; and her little chubby hand resting on my neck.


Anonymous said...

I have heard that when the batteries are dying in a toy that it can cause the toy (or swing, I guess) to come on by itself. Just a thought...hope you get it figured out!

Susan :)

Sara said...

Spooky! That would weird me out too. Has anyone died in the house? Hopefully, you have good spirits!