Monday, March 1, 2010

The Happiness Project: One

Inspired by a birthday gift from my happy little sister (who I am considering stopping linking her blog to when I mention her because her last update was in 1987), I have decided to launch a new project here at the Apple.

Its so easy to overlook the "little things" God has given to us to inspire joy in our lives. I love those little things, that in the middle of the day, when all is amiss, just brings you a complete and utter sense of contentment, even if just for a moment. I think that kind of happiness is better than the kind that comes with Disney world or something else momentous and grand because it is unexpected and simple. So for the next 365 days, I will consciously think about those small things, and write one a day here. I will give myself allowances, because I don't get on the Internet everyday (okay, okay, you got me. I usually always get on at least once a day, but for that day or so I don't, I will give myself allowances), but I may do make up days where I will list more than one.

I encourage you to do the same- if not on your blog or facebook or journal, just in your thoughts, make a conscious effort to look for those small tokens of happiness each day.

So here's my #1:

Happiness is tomatoes on soft white bread, lots of mayonnaise, salt and pepper.


usafhockey said...

Guuuuurrrrlll!!!! That is the south in a nutshell!!! I'm doing something similar in my prayer diary.... One praise a day- so realigning!

Sara said...

That's a good one to start off with. Tomatoes, bread, salt and pepper...yum, yum!!

aunt vickie said...

Awesome... I love it... I did a "thank you" diary for my husband one year, from Valentine's Day til Valentine's Day, and thanked him evry day for on thing... it was so cool, and amazing how it nurtured my loved for him throughout the year... I think he kinda liked it, too, when he got it... (p.s. I got the idea from Wondergirl)

brittany said...

Well now I'm inspired, and committing to blogging again. I'd already decided this but felt awkward about just jumping right in as if I hadn't just taken a year long hiatus nor did I want to have some elaborate this is perfect. So please don't delete me (Shannon already has) from your blog roll..

Melody said...

inspiration taken....I've been slack in both blogging and catching up on everybody else's so I'll play! have fun with it!