Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maybe I went a tad overboard on the mascara

Getting ready to go out to dinner with Eric tonight and Adler looked at me and said, "Momma, you have bad guy eyes on."

He also looked at my dressy shirt and wanted to know what kind of costume I was wearing- I guess anything other than sweats is unusual for him to see, sadly!

Anyway, thanks all for the birthday calls and texts and emails- I had a great day yesterday and continued the "partying" tonight with E at Duff Green, which just reopened in the old Borello's- it was really good and so nice to sit through an entire meal without wiping anyone's face or picking any toys up off the floor or actually being able to cut my own meat and eat it properly without one hand holding a baby and the other spanking a child. It was wonderful!

Now, a full night of sleep (if that birthday wish worked!).


Erica said...

Happy Happy Birthday, sweet friend!

Melissa said...

So glad your birthday was great! What Adler said was sooo Funny!