Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After all the shopping I have gotten to do the last month, I am having some serious let-down now. I want to shop! I want to spend money! But alas, there is none to be spent....

So I will share some of our Christmas favs this year!
Okay, first things first. One of my favorite gifts I gave this year was from this little lady on etsy- she makes these super cute pendants with backings from vintage game pieces and puts a clear protective, waterproof coating on them. I couldn't resist the above pendant (it was a little gift to me from Santa!).
Hazel got this sweet little Infantino Lil Chef Set ($5 at walmart!!) and she loves it. It rattles and shakes and crunches and is great for her busy hands and mouth. And now, I don't have to give up my own measuring cups to entertain her!
Okay, that's all for now, maybe more later!

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