Monday, October 5, 2009

Not a real good reason to post

but I am trying to boot my recent blog post "Genius baby STINULATION (oops) Mobile"- down the page a bit- sort of lackluster I know!

We have been busy over here and it seems October is only going to be busier. We have fall festivals, pumpkin patches, birthday parties and more planned for the month.

Let's see- what's been going on with us...

Adler has been lovely the past few days. This cooler weather has seemed to make him agreeable and content. He is loving his preschool, especially his teacher, Mrs. Amber. He comes home all the time with "Mrs. Amber says..." And his vocabulary- every day its something new. The other day, I was trying to get Hazel down for a nap and it was suspiciously quiet in his room, so I went in there. He was in his closet, with an empty tub of lotion in one hand and a shoe full of lotion in the other. He "fingerpainted" the closet wood floors, filled his shoes with lotion, and greased down his body. After a minor freak out, I told him that now, instead of playing with him before nap, we were going to have to clean up the mess. He looked at me and said, "But I apologize momma!"

Hazel is doing so great too. She is sleeping fantastic and is so happy most of the time. She has been cooing for awhile now, but this past week, she coos for 30 minutes or so straight, not even stopping to let anyone else get a word in. She does this all day long- its really cute.

I am good too. I haven't hit any cute developmental milestones to write about though, so I will spare you on that. I am excited about the upcoming season- I just feel joyous this year!

I apologize to most of you who really don't care how much Hazel coos or Adler talks- I just feel the need to document these little things on my blog because I don't journal and the baby books don't give you room to put things like this there. If I don't write it somewhere, it will be forgotten. I do not want to forget any of the minutia of life right now. It is all such a sweet time in our lives, these days of cooing, bouncing babies, little feet running down the hall, tiny munchkin voices filling the air; I can barely contain it. So I write it down.


Anonymous said...

Please keep the updates coming! I look foward to every new post about those babies. Something so sweet about my baby posting about her babies! I love you and you are going a great job.

Sarah Craig said...

I love to hear details about the kiddos! My nephew was just like Adler. He LOVED learning new words. Once he was going to put rocks in his mouth (we were playing outside) and I said, "Elijah, that is not edible." He goes, "What's edible?" So I told him and for WEEKS afterwards he would use "edible" (correctly!) in a sentence every chance he got ("That chair is not edible.") Cutest thing ever.

Elizabeth is cooing all the time too. It is the cutest thing ever. Sometimes she get so loud. She loves being on her play mat and "talking" to her animals. We'll have her down there playing and try to watch a TV show, but honest to God she gets so loud we cannot even hear what's going on on the TV.

Melissa said...

Aww I want to hear those coos. I cannot wait to see her this weekend! Adler is just too smart for his own good. That boy! That is too funny! Sounds like you will have a great October. The weather is nice but it makes my kids hyper! Glad it is nice for you all! See you very soon Kisses to the kids...