Friday, September 25, 2009

Genius Baby Infant Stinulation Mobile

I bought this mobile for Hazel after a long, frustrating search for a mobile with black and white contrasts to it. For some reason, these kinds of mobiles are hard to find, even though all the experts say they are best for your baby. Adler was never interested in his mobile, but this one is a total hit with Hazel. She will lay in her crib for 20 minutes smiling and talking to it. In baby time, that's like 3 hours. It comes with all these different cards that you can slide in that have different black, white and red patterns and designs on one side, and then when the baby gets around 3 months, you can flip the cards to the other side that shows pictures of other babies making various facial expressions. I am truly happy with this product and highly recommend this to all new or expecting moms!


Melissa said...

wow she must really love it! It is hard to find black and red anymore. You could put real pics of your family in it when she outgrows the black and red colors, that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

where did you find the mobile? I need a unique baby gift for a friend aunt charlotte