Saturday, September 12, 2009


The kids!

Honestly, if I have to say "Arr Matey" one more time, I may pull my eyebrows out.

Adler is totally and completely OBSESSED with pirates. He works the topic into every single sentence that he says in a day and it monopolizes all of our playtime all day long. And if we watch a movie, you can bet it is either Peter Pan, Treasure Planet or that Veggie Tales pirate movie. I don't mind feeding the obsession, but I need to google pirate speak and situations so that I can vary my own play a bit. He is quite adorable about it. He never tires of it and has the cutest little mean pirate voice.

And Hazel, sweet Hazel. She is spending her SECOND night in her very own crib in her very own bed! It happened by accident last night. She fell asleep in my arms as I was getting Adler ready to bed so I decided to put her in her crib, thinking she would wake up soon after. But she didn't, and when I went to sleep, it didn't make much sense to wake her up to take her to my room. And after that, when she did wake up (ONLY TWICE at 12:30 and 3:15!), it still didn't make sense to bring her to my room as she was doing well in her own bed. I couldn't resist to bring her in my bed for a snuggle when she woke up at 6:15 though. Its very bittersweet. I know it is time- she's just about 3 months and Eric has literally been sleeping on the couch for 3 months; but I am not really ready. Last night, I slept horrible. I was feeling very lonely for my warm, chubby little girl! But, I guess she has to grow up sometime. Might as well put her out now (boo).

So all my family on my side is in or will be in Destin this week- I am feeling sad I am not there with them. I know I will miss a great week of visiting and laughing and loving, oh and the sun and sand too. My mom and dad ran a 5K in Destin today but I haven't had a chance to talk to them to see how it went. I am so proud of them though! GO MOM AND DAD!!


Melissa said...

Adler has the best imagination! I love to hear and see him take that into a fun game and all his little stories. Cannot wait to see you guys, after the beach it has been way too long. Hazel in her own bed? WoW I am so happy that she is but I agree bittersweet, she is growing way too fast. Love you and miss you, hope to get together soon.
I put all the pics i took in my myspace album so there are a bunch more of adler and hazel and all of us you might want to save in your files.

Aunt Vickie said...

See, that's all so sweet. We're not at Destin, either, so know how you feel. Can hardly wait to see you at Thanksgiving. Love you and pray for you always

Nanny White said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to getting down there and meeting my little great granddaughter. i can't wait to see her. She sounds adorable. I know Adler is an adorable pirate. Long John Silver, hunh? Maybe he'll find Blackbeard's treasure. I love you all.