Monday, August 17, 2009

I should have known

that with the first week of school would come the first cold of many! Adler woke up sick on Saturday morning, and what is more alarming to me at this point, is that Hazel started getting a cold yesterday afternoon. We are going to the doctor's this morning for her 2 month (YES- TWO MONTHS ALREADY!) check-up though, so at least I can have the doctor look at her (only to tell me to watch it and come in if she gets a fever).

So, if all goes well this week, meaning no hurricane comes and wipes out Panama City and our kids don't get pheumonia, we are headed for the beach on Friday for a much anticipated vacation!


WonderGirl said...

Urgh! Hoping Hazel knocks it out quick with NO fever!!

Sara said...

Hope that the kids get to feeling better and that y'all have a great trip. Are y'all going with Melissa?

Hubbird said...

2 months?? Whoa! I really thought she was like 4 weeks old. Time flies... sigh.