Monday, August 17, 2009

I am going to miss these days!

The other morning, Adler was eating his oatmeal in the dining room while I was in the kitchen. He called out to me, "Momma, don't come in here. Don't come in here."

So of course, I went in there and he looked at me and said, "But I wanted to make paw prints(hand prints) with my oatmeal."

He always tells on himself. I love that!

So Hazel checked out fine at her 2 month- she is 13 lbs 4 oz and 23 inches long, about 3/4 a pound smaller and 2 inches shorter than Adler was at 2 months, but still quite a big girl! As I thought, the doctor just wanted me to "watch" her cold. Makes me uneasy though. She is getting so big, full of smiles and coos. She still wakes every 2 hours (!!!) and sleeps a ton during the day, so we are just waiting for some sleep still. I am going to put her in the crib to sleep when we get back from Fl, so maybe that will help some. But she's a sweet, gentle little baby, loves to be held and cuddled and talked to, especially by her daddy.

Adler is going through his, what do they call it, "developmental growing period" (read terrible twos). Its really a combination of learning to share the attention and the natural age two tendencies. But we are all learning on how to navigate through it and it is getting easier. In the midst of his testing us, his verbal skills have just exploded this past month and he is always saying and doing the funniest things. Last night, for the first time, he put on a show for us. It was a circus, and he kept telling us, "Its time for the circus; everyone sit in your seats." And then he would say his colors and spin around in circles until he fell down. It was a riveting performance.

Well, that's what is going on with the kids as of late- I have one up now snorting and huffing and puffing for me- better get to her!


brittany said...

I love hearing Adler stories, they're hilarious. Keep em coming...and more Hazel pictures!

aunt vickie said...

Me, too... he's just so precious! And I know Hazel is, too, even tho I haven't met her yet... can hardly wait to put some hugs on those two...and on you, too... love you, darlin' girl...