Wednesday, June 17, 2009

up and at em

Thank you, Mr. City Workers, for your hard work to repair the water leak on my street, in front of my house, this morning. Can I PLEASE put in a request for future reference though, that you not come over at 5:30 AM to start drilling holes in the concrete? Whew. What an early morning!

I always said that I would not be one of those pregnant bloggers who dropped off the face of the earth in the last weeks of pregnancy. I didn't understand why they did that, but I think I finally get it. I have been pretty inside myself the past week or two, just focusing on my family and the impending birth. I just haven't had anything else to say! And who really wants to know how much I am dialated, or how I am nostalgic over my son's every last moment as an only child, or how and WHY I cried over the Today show this morning during a wedding segment. Its just not what the public is interested in hearing, and since that's all consuming these days, the blog has become silent. Hopefully, I will snap out of it in a few days! On top of that, I am just NOT sleeping at all and my thoughts are not as quick and clever as they normally are (um, whatever that means!)

So, I am reading the "Left Behind" series because I never have, and let me tell you that for the past two weeks, every single dream I have had that I can remember has been about the antichrist. Heavy. And I have been remembering A LOT of dreams lately because I am waking up every hour to go to the bathroom, right in the middle of these dreams.

Lastly, Adler has taken to waking up 3-5 times a night the past two or so weeks. He will go right back to sleep in I go and tuck him in his covers and sing him one song, but I am ready for it to end. I know anything I do to fix it will probably be unfixed after the baby gets here, but I am starting to get nervous about having two little ones up all night every night. Any suggestions?


Sara said...

My only advice is to always remember that the first six months are always the hardest, never pass up help from family or friends and enjoy every minute because you know as well as I do that they grow up waaay too fast.

WonderGirl said...

I hope you find this advice helpful, and not overly opinionated! I would suggest that you do not sing to him, or give him a real cozy response to waking up. I'm not saying be mean, but maybe just firm. Because right now, waking up is a totally pleasant experience for him. He gets retucked in, cozied up, babied a little. And so why wouldn't he continue doing it, if that's the result? I would say, buckle down a little bit, let him know you are serious and it is BEDTIME. I know he gets lots and lots of snuggles and sweet Mama time during the day, so he's not lacking in that department. It's okay at this point to let him know, nighttime is for sleeping, and that's that. It might take a few nights for him to "get it", but what do you have to lose, at this point, if you're already having to get up with him every few hours?

Anyway, just my thoughts-- not that there is a right or wrong way, just so long as everybody is sleeping!