Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My Uncle Ben peacefully passed away yesterday, surrounded by those who loved him. My sister and cousin wrote some beautiful things about him, and I wanted to add a few memories of my own.

Uncle Ben, the giver of everlasting hugs. He would NEVER EVER be the one to release a hug. They could go on for hours. I wished I would have tested that to see just how long it took for him to stop the hug.

I can remember at a family reunion, my cousins taught him how to do the funky chicken. He could be quite the ham.

He used to always wear the trucker style cap and would keep his special treasures in it, a few photographs and his famed harmonica. Whenever he would see someone new, he would take off that hat pull out those photos to show and play a few notes on the harmonica.

There are not too many people who get to know their great aunts and uncles. I feel so blessed that Nanny was able to take care of him all those years and that where she went, he went too. As a child, there were no holidays without Uncle Ben, no big occasions in my life that did not have Uncle Ben occupying the memories of them. He was always there, ready with a big hug, a sweet smile and a gentle spirit. He will be greatly missed, but I know that he is in Heaven right now, giving his momma one of his famous hugs.

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aunt vickie said...

O, wow... the hugs... I was thinking of him and remembering that shy, sweet smile, and how his face would light up as you walked to ward him... how could I have forgotten the hugs? He will be so missed...