Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Already the middle of the week!

This week has gone by so fast so far. We had a fun filled day yesterday with my sisters, niece and nephews, Aunt Dee, Laura and Gus (her 6 month old adorably chubby boy, who Adler referred to as "that" and asked later if he could "pet it"). We started the day with donuts, continued it with a romp at the splash park and lunch, and ended it with a Mexican fiesta at my mom's house last night. Adler and I didn't get home until 9:30 and we were wiped out! I feel sort of bad for sending him to preschool this morning because he was grumpY. But it was worth it. We had a great day.

This weekend we are going to spend at the reservoir, hopefully enjoying some sun on the lake and in the pool and celebrating Mother's Day. I am really counting on E taking the bulk of childcare and letting me relax all weekend. He doesn't realize this is my plan yet though. I figured I would work that in once we got nice and settled there. He has already informed me that my Mother's Day gift was the battery he bought for my car yesterday. He must have read my mind, because that was EXACTLY what I wanted, well that, along with two mornings of sleeping in and to be waited on hand and foot all weekend. I think that's doable.

An update on the pink room, my little sister delicately pointed out, when she saw the room, that it was important to be able to want to go into a room without feeling the need to throw up. But that it wasn't so bad with the lights off. Thanks Britt. I swear, though, its not that bad.

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