Monday, April 20, 2009

Progress Report among other things

So we got the playroom in working condition, not finished by any means, but enough so that we could move all the toys into it. So now we have an empty nursery waiting to be painted and decorated! Yay! AND the walls have been patched too, and it was really no big deal despite the vast amounts of trouble that my husband assured me would ensue as a result of my carelessness. Of course, I wasn't the one patching the walls; but the supervising part was a piece of cake!

Adler was so funny about his "new playroom." We have been talking about it for weeks, trying to get him prepared so he would not be upset about it so he was really excited about it when it finally happened. He played with every toy like he had never seen them before and cried when he had to leave the room yesterday for anything.

The one thing we did NOT get a chance to do was move him to his big bed. E needed to disassemble the crib to get it out of the room and put up the rails on the big bed and we just ran out of steam before we could get it done. So that's our plan for tonight.

This morning, Adler woke up sort of grumpy. He was being whiny and not listening to me. I said something to him about it and he looked at me and said, "I need a time out." I said that yes, he probably did. He told me again, "Adler needs to sit in time out." So I just told him, "Okay, go sit in the time out spot then." And he did. And stayed there until I came and got him. Self discipline-- what a great idea!

E and I watched Seven Pounds last night. First I was like, "what" and then "huh" and then I was like, "ohhhhh." And "ohhh." And then I cried. A lot. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.


Laura Sue said...

I am so glad the walls ended up not being a big deal! Yay! I'll email you separately about my plans to come up to V'burg.

I had the same exact reaction to that movie. As always, Adam claimed to understand the secret plot way early on, but I don't know. I have my doubts. It took me til the bitter end to figure it out. Great movie! Makes you never want to use your cell phone while driving ever again.

aunt vickie said...

We just watched it this past weekend, too, and that's almost the same reaction I had... with the exception that I can't bring myself to recommend it to anyone... it just broke my heart...