Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I know errybody is sick of hearing about it

but, a kid in Adler's very small preschool tested positive for Type A Flu today, the same type, but not necessarily Swine Flu. I found that out after picking him up this morning! Right after I witnessed him slurping away on a plastic fried egg that he has gotten from another classmate. The child went for further testing but results won't be in for a week or two to determine if its Swine or not.

Either way, it stinks! Adler already has a cold and his immunity is not great, so any type of flu, Swine or not, is just NOT WELCOME at our home. Do you hear that? NOT WELCOME.

So keep this little one, and everyone else at our school, in your prayers. We really don't want a flu epidemic around these parts.


aunt vickie said...

We're praying, sweet pea... pull out your Basic G... it's much more effective at killing germs than bleach or lysol... hey! e-mail me your school's address and I'll send them some, along with the clinical reports...

oh, please, Father God, take care of our little boy and everybody else around there...

Melissa said...

well, we are praying also.
this flu sounds a little scary.
thank you for coming to the first
communion. i am glad E is feeling
so glad Adler is in his bed
and your getting a little sleep
before baby comes.
he is such a big boy now.