Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't even lie

I know you are as stoked as me about the new (and last, sniff sniff) season of "The Hills."

Shannon...Laura...don't even act like you aren't thinking about the fate of Speidi RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT.


Tina said...

I'm totally into The Hills. I mean, how could anyone think that show is scripted?!?! (sense the heavy sarcasm) Seriously, The Hills is my guilty pleasure. So sad it is the last season.

Laura Sue said...

Oh my gosh I actually didn't know it was back on!! I will have to go sneaking around again behind Adam's back to watch it. Good thing we are on opposite work schedules!!

WonderGirl said...

I wouldn't even TRY to lie at this point, the whole world knows my shame. My favorite moment Monday was when Stephanie FINALLY grew a backbone and told Spencer off! Go writers!! Great script!! Or, um, I mean, Go Stephanie! Way to be real!!

What's really sad, is that I'm also hooked on The City, all because I want to see how badly Olivia will behave. That girl is a class A WEEEOTCH.


Erica said...

I got hooked on The City, and at first I was hiding it. I'd be all like, "Let me just flip channels and see what is on at 9pm...oh look! The City!" Till Fuzzy just went ahead and entered it into the queue. BUT--the season is over and I am glad I am not going to watch the Hills or subsequent seasons of The City. Nope.

And Shannon, I have to say, I love Olivia. I think the she the most mature one on the show--except for the stealing credit for the "cover look."

Ashley said...

My personal take on Olivia is that she is trying to be mature, but she just isn't. She's isn't. She is trying way too hard to come off as classy and smart and uninterested in what the common folk are doing. That's my careful observations of the complex nature that is Olivia.

Erica said...

I do love that she told Whitney that she needed to grow up and stay out of other people's problems. And then Whit turned it around and was like "I just needed to talk and thought I could talk to you." Ugh.

Fuzzy loves her cousin.

I now say "Matchy Matchy" a lot.

Am I still talking about this?