Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home again.

Well, this weekend marked the last weekend trip away, except for maybe a camping trip somewhere in there, before the baby arrives.

I had such a great time with my mom and my sisters in Atlanta. I must say that I didn't realize that my girls could burn the candle at both ends as they did. I couldn't keep up! But we enjoyed each other and I feel more like myself than I have in a long time after spending time with them.

Brittany surprised us with a professional photo shoot by her friend, Heidi, who was SUPER sweet and I think got some really great shots. Her website is Our Labor of Love- check the site out to see some amazing pictures. I think its wedding pics, but she freelances other types of photography as well. We had so much fun being the center of attention and letting ourselves just be goofy in the pictures. We will see if that translates well on film!

A BIG BIG thanks to my wonderful husband and my fabulous in-laws for taking care of Adler and letting me have the whole weekend away. You don't know just how much it meant to me and how grateful I am to you for giving that to me!


Taylor & Krisa said...

what cool, retro pics! can't wait to see how yours turned out

aunt vickie said...

Hey! Y'all didn't tell me about the photo shoot... how fun! I can hardly wait to see the pictures, too.

p.s. It was wonderful seeing y'all Saturday night... it's been way too long.

Janet T (Clinton's other sister) said...

i'm so glad ya'll were able to have that weekend together...i knew it would be wonderful for all of you! and it was pure joy to be in v'burg and witness how excited you, Shannon, and your mom were as you planned and prepared for the trip! you all have such a beautiful relationship, and Brittany's photographer friend did an amazing job of capturing that special bond between you all! Those will be pictures you will all treasure forever!