Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't call blog services yet!

I haven't abandoned you! (um, I need to work on the humor a bit there. Sorry, but its been awhile.)

Adler and I were in Memphis all last week with Melissa and my niece and nephew. Then, after one day at home, E and Ad and I went to E's family camp overnight to celebrate E's dad's birthday. We got home last night and now we are totally BEAT!

Memphis was fun. Melissa has the most energy out of anyone I know! We fit in 2 doctor's appointments, shopping, the zoo, bowling, and Chucky-Cheese in to basically 3 days. It was a lot of fun though. Ad now wants Chucky Cheese every single meal.

He is also officially spoiled rotten now. After a week of having an audience laughing and cheering everything he does, he now thinks he is the cutest thing ever. And he thinks after a week of sleeping in the bed with me, that's where he belongs now. Last night, he cried for an hour, over and over, "Momma's bed." It was pitiful, but there was no way I could give in to that or it would just mean a struggle at home too. The first thing he told me this morning when I woke him up was, "Momma's bed." Stubborn little guy!

He really blossomed though over the week. He talked NON STOP all week long (from 6:30 am until about 10 PM when he FINALLY would pass out) and really started singing a lot. The past month or so, he started singing "You are My Sunshine" by singing, "Only sunshine, only sunshine away." But this week, he added, "oh dear" to it and also started singing some other songs. He always ends every song with "away" from the sunshine song though, so it would sound like "jingle bell jingle bell away." Its pretty cute!

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