Monday, February 23, 2009

How did I do without these things the first time around?

um, eewww

The inflatable neck ring- what's just mean is that there is a ducky over to the side that would be impossible to get to

I seriously may get one of these, better the baby than me, right!

and what's cooler is that its called a daddle

I would be slightly freaked if I saw a baby hanging from the bathroom stall in one of these

because what baby wouldn't be comforted by the feeling of two disembodied hands on him?


Erica said...

GAH! That last one is CREEPY!

Taylor & Krisa said...

LOL - my Mom bought the booger extractor because she said I'm too harsh with the bulb aspirator. I refuse to use it!!

Summer said...

Ashley those baby products are hilarious!! Soo funny!

Sara said...

Some of those are very scary! I actually went into the Ashley furniture store the other day and they had a seat attached to stall door where you can strap kids in while you are using the bathroom. What would be scary is if you went in and someone had forgotten to take their kid out before they left the stall.

Sarah Craig said...

Ah. I just laughed so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes. Thank you.

Janet T (Clinton's other sister) said...

where did you find this stuff!?! that last one is pretty freaky looking, but otherwise, these were just hilarious! thanks so much for the laughs! love you bunches!