Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Coat today, shorts tomorrow

Is anyone else more than annoyed at our weather lately? For one, come on sun, shine already. Enough is enough. Secondly, can we still blame the flip floppy weather on El Nino, or is there some new weather phenomenon who I should quietly curse? I have this cold that just will not go away and SOMEONE or SOMETHING is going to take the fall for it.

I had a check up a few days ago. It seems I am on into my second trimester and doing well. I only gained ONE pound so far. For those of you who remember, this is a stark contrast from the 20 I had gained at this point with my last pregnancy. I am actually surprised that I haven't gained more, considering my recent love affair with a certain Mr. Ronald McDonald (of all things!). I guess maybe my second love affair with the back of the toilet has kept my first love affair a secret. Its out now though, folks. I am even digging those tiny little onions they slather on those burgers. And what's worse, I get the cheeseburger without lettuce and tomato. I feel like that V8 commercial and am just waiting for the check out lady to bop me on the head.

Well, I am spent for the day, will be back on in a few!

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Sara said...

I am so sick of this weather too. It's hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's raining every other day. A steady drizzle all day is enough to drive you insane!