Monday, December 29, 2008

Can I wake up now?

Just tell me that I have been in this terrible dream the past few days and I am going to wake up to a happy healthy family.

So I may be a little dramatic. We all have been sick sick at the Mason house the past, oh, month, mostly just colds and sinus infections and ear infections, but miserable all the same. E has escaped most of it all, but then he says I coughed on him in my sleep a few days ago and now he has a cold. He's actually kind of mad at me I think. I keep catching him giving me the stink eye. So then last week, Ad had a fever for a few days and then just had the sinus stuff, but then he started getting runny diapers. Well, in the past several days, the diapers have gotten worse and now he has started throwing everything up. So, I guess he has a virus or something too.

So, family that we have seen over the holidays, I am guessing Ad was carrying around some slighly dormant virus that has now evolved into a full blown sick-fest. I pray that we didn't infect anyone, and I am going to feel terrible if we did, but you may want to be on the lookout. I am so sorry if any of you get it.

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Sara said...

Bless your heart. I can definitely relate to all the sickness! Mine have been sick since Thanksgiving---no lie. I hope Ad feels better soon. There's nothing worse than cleaning up vomit when you are pregnant.