Sunday, August 17, 2008



" I don't know how this marker got here, mom...."

So, this is what happens when you unknowingly give your child non-washable markers so you can finish those last few chapters of sTORI Telling.

PS- I am ashamed to admit I couldn't put her book down. So it wasn't quality. But it was like one of those lifetime movies that really isn't that great but you just can't stop watching it. And 5 hours later, you are still watching it.

PSS- the marker finally came off with a lot of baby oil and a little bit of astringent.

PSSS- I lied. I liked the book.


aunt vickie said...

that's too precious... I love it... thank you so much for sharing... hug and kiss him big for his aunt vickie...

Laura said...

Looks like a rerun of Alise and her episode of a blue sharpie and my white kitchen cabinets! At least you got pics!! Too funny. I hate to laugh, but, honey, I've been there!

Melissa said...

McKaylin did that with red lipstick and it stained her skin for days. Too funny!

Laura Sue said...

Every kid has to have a picture like this in the family photo album. That 2nd picture is just perfect. Such a little stinker!! He was having himself a good ol' time while you were engrossed in your high-brow literature!