Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I didn't actually attend University of Southern MS, but I did live in Hattiesburg for several years, so I have some sort of loyalty to USM at any rate. And E went there. And my sister graduated there. So, I think I can be proud of them for this too!

I read in my September issue of Parents magazine about a new paint (Nov 07) that is zero-toxin, zero-carcinogen and zero VOC (volatile organic compound). It is ultra-low odor and offers a line that is solvent free including the use of 100% non toxic colorants. I know what you are thinking, brown, off brown, and light brown, but no, they have over 1200 colors! And their prices are the same as your average gallon of paint, around $20 a gallon.

And the coolest part, it was created by the good ole' Polymer scientists at the University of Southern MS. Check out the website for Mythic Paint here.

I know as a first time mom, the fumes and toxins from the paint in the baby's room was a major concern of mine. Even though I used low toxin paint and painted my baby's room months before he came, I wish that this paint would have been around then. There is enough to worry about when the new baby comes; at least now we can mark this off that list!


WonderGirl said...

This sounds an awful lot like a PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT?????!!!!

I can not use the exclamation point with any more emphasis!! Am I right??

Melissa said...

I know that you most likely did not intend for it to sound like a pregnancy announcement but i agree with wondergirl, the last sentence does have a hint to it? What's up, tired momma or new addition???

Laura Sue said...

Totally agree with you Shannon. Come on Ash, no pressure, but for the love of God please please please please make such an announcement!!

Laura said...

Gos USM! I can't believe I'm saying this! My hubby is going to kill me!!

Ashley said...

it did, didn't it? But it wasn't- sorry guys!