Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I hope never to forget

One of the things that really gets me about Adler is his tender heart. I know that he may not always exhibit this tenderness as he moves from toddlerhood into boyhood, so I am trying to enjoy every moment of it. He is quick to hug, quick to kiss and cuddle. He stops what he is doing through-out the day to give love to me and its really just the sweetest thing. He loves his stuffed animals and is always hugging them and saying "awwww." The past few months, his favorite playtime is pretending to go "ni-ni". He loves to be covered up and tucked in, but quick to pop back up lest we think he is actually going to bed. In the past weeks, he has wanted to tuck in his stuffed animals. The above pictures are of him giving Elmo a big tuck in with a story.

He is literally tugging at my heart-strings all day long.

Please disregard Elmo's bug eyes- he drank too much caffeine.


Janet T said...

Adler is just downright adorable, and the beauty of your love for him is what tugs at my heart strings!

Janet T said...

That must have been Starbucks Expresso that Elmo was drinking because those are some seriously intense bug eyes. I felt like he was actually staring at me the whole time I was trying to read your blog!

Melissa said...

Priceless moment, those make it even harder to let him grow -up.