Friday, June 27, 2008

I had totally forgotten about that

So, I was watching VH1 last night, and got to take a serious trip down memory lane while watching "I Love the New Millinium: 2007". It seems like only yesterday Jamie Lyn Spears was announcing her pregnancy while her sister was shaving her head. And can you believe the things we used to wear- leggings...bubble funny is that! Don't even get me started on the Victoria Beckam Bob. Gosh, it seems like only last year.

It was so fun going back in time and remembering the crazy and stupid stuff that went on in our youth, you know, like 6 months ago. Thank goodness for the time capsule that is VH1 for refreshing us on that.

Maybe we should just do the show weekly- "I Love Last Week"- or is that what "Best Week Ever" is for?

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Laura Sue said...

ha ha, i love the tongue-in-cheek classic ashley humor.