Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So Adler is on this bug fixation and if its smallish and non-descript in character, its a "bu". He will point at it and say "Bu, bu" over and over and over until something is done about it. He pointed to an exposed nail in the wall saying "bu" for about 15 minutes this morning. Finally, we had to get up and go to another room because he just couldn't get over it.

I have been very very careful not to freak out when I see a bug because I don't want him to be scared. He is acting very skittish when he sees what he thinks is bugs. It just goes to prove that its an innate emotion to be grossed out and put off by bugs. It must be something men supress when they learn its girly, you think?


Melissa said...

That is so funny! Everitt did that also and would think every little piece of fuzz was a "bud" as he called it. Brings back memories. Cherish this phase soon he will be asking to keep them as pets!

Laura said...

What can you say? Those boys love their bugs!!